The heart to your Ferrari or Supercar

Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and Aston Martin have become the world's most desirable and prestigious vehicles mainly due to their engine and gearbox designs. The delivery of the power and torque can only be implemented through a clever and well-built gearbox.

This is the same with KHPC Ferrari and supercar services where Roger Collingwood and Claire Collingwood have developed a unique workflow and management structure which is designed to ensure a smooth delivery of a wide range of Ferrari and supercars services. Both Roger and Claire of KHPC Ferrari and Aston Martin services have their own dedicated Ferrari engine and gearbox refurbishment division where all aspects of this important subject can be undertaken from simple gearbox repairs to major Ferrari engine rebuild projects.

We welcome visitors to the KHPC Ferrari and supercar complex here in the heart of Kent where we are happy to show you around our Ferrari and supercar facilities. To arrange a convenient time to visit please call Roger Collingwood or Claire Collingwood.


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