Looking to purchase your first sports car?

Roger Collingwood has seen many people purchase their cars through some form of finance. With PCP, lease, rental and HP the options are wide and varied. However, most of these options take into consideration the vehicles decreasing or appreciating value over a given time.

However, when creating a finance package for your new sports car the approach has to be very different to that of a normal vehicle that is mass produced.

Looking to move to the supercar league? 

Roger Collingwood says selecting the right financial solution for you is vital as the style of Ferrari or supercar you select may have varying future values depending on the desirability and exclusive nature of the ‘Classic Ferrari’ or fast car you select. Indeed, the value of certain Ferrari or supercar vehicles can be directly affected by their racing success and pedigree. With this in mind our financial experts have a wealth of automotive knowledge and are best placed to offer you help.